Michael W Smith invites you to join the most
amazing international Pentecost event since Acts 2


From the rising of the sun on Samoa to the setting of the same in Hawaii, millions of Christians around the globe will worship, sing a new version of Amazing Grace, tell stories of God’s Amazing Grace in their lives, pray for Amazing Grace, then spill out into the streets to share that Amazing Grace in any way they feel called. Flash dance mobs. Food distribution. Anti-trafficking actions. Faith sharing. Street theater. Handing out roses in Red Light Districts in 24 time zones. Circle May 30-31 onto your calendars right now, then get your friends together to choose an Amazing Grace project that will impact your community for Christ. Sign up below for updates and actions on how we can make this the most amazing Pentecost since the second chapter of Acts!



AGX2020 is a mobilization of 100M Christians in 24 time zones in a worship and witness event on Pentecost Weekend 2020. It starts in worship with the singing of a new version of Amazing Grace and sharing stories of how God’s grace has transformed YOU. Then it spills out into the streets where you and your friends share God’s grace in acts of service and loving witness to your local community.


Take Action

Ready to take the next step? First, gather friends. Scroll through this site together. Choose how you would like to witness to God’s Amazing Grace in your local setting on May 30-31, 2020. Download the song. Learn it together. Upload your singing to the 1M Member Choir. Then make a plans join in the biggest mass Pentecost event since Acts 2!

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