AGX2020 is excited to connect you and your friends with emerging creative voices from around the world who witness to the Amazing Grace of God through the arts. We’ll introduce you to our choices first, then invite you to introduce us to your favorite artists/resources in each of these categories:

  1. MUSIC: Introducing Nadia Elise Cole

2. FEATURE FILM: Amazing Grace

Idea: Show this clip - or the whole movie - on Pentecost Weekend 2020 to give your friends the background of the hymn, and the transformation of the slave trader to one who brought freedom!

3. Documentaries - Nefarious: Merchant of Souls

Idea: Show this clip - or the whole documentary - if you feel called to create an anti-trafficking project for Pentecost Weekend 2020.

4. Animation - Salt of the earth

Idea: Play this 7 1/2 minus clip before a Cross+Generational discussion on how your groups wants to bless the world on Pentecost Weekend 2020.

5. Art - The work of China’s Dr. He Qi

Life is short.
Art is long.

- Dr. He Qi

Idea: Visit and view Dr. He Qi’s work. Then choose a dozen images to recreate on sidewalks with chalk, on huge canvas, or in another medium during a live painting/drawing event in a public square or in your neighborhood on Pentecost Weekend 2020.

6. Clothing Design - Tolu Olubunmi’s