Imagine one billon people reached by a song that goes around the globe in 24 hours, giving hope to those in search of meaning, comfort to those in need, and freedom to captives.

Imagine one hundred million followers of Jesus worshiping at 3 p.m. on Pentecost Saturday, singing Amazing Grace, telling stories of God’s Amazing Grace, praying for Amazing Grace, then spilling out into the streets to share the love of Christ in flash mobs, street theater, food distribution, and anti-trafficking actions while witnessing to the Amazing Grace of God in their lives.

Imagine them feeding the hungry, befriending the lonely, and freeing 10,000 sex slaves by Pentecost Sunday morning - providing protection from abuse, a safe place to stay, and a future job with dignity and hope.

Imagine these friends of Jesus gathering back together on Pentecost Sunday, singing Amazing Grace once again, then witnessing to what the Holy Spirit has done to them and through them in those short 24 hours.

We don’t have to only imagine.

We are called to do it.

And we will.

THE Mission

To mobilize 100M Christians to share God’s Amazing Grace with 1B people in 24 time zones on May 30-31, 2020, then love them into God’s family forever.


AGX2020 is a project of RICH Learning Global (USA) in partnership with GO2020 (Germany), Okayhouse (Nigeria), Integrity Music (USA), and in financial support of:


Investors are being sought to help build the tech infrastructure for the “Million Member Choir” and an international rock video of Amazing Grace featuring musical stars from 24 time zones. Potential financial partners are strongly encouraged to tithe 50% of any profits they may receive to the organizations mentioned above, or to support their own trusted local organizations who:

  • Feed the hungry

  • Minister to the lonely

  • Bring hope to the hopeless

  • Celebrate the freedom of Christ through the arts

  • Work against human trafficking in their own locations.

For investment information, contact