How might you participate in an Amazing Grace Experience? The better question might be “what do you think God is calling you and your friends to do?” Here are some ideas:



Create a dance for our new version of Amazing Grace. Practice it with your friends. On Pentecost Saturday (May 30), worship at 3 p.m. and sing/dace it once more. Then hit the streets and video your flash mob performing in a regionally iconic or locally recognizable place. After gathering a crowd, share your faith in loving and genuine stories of how God’s Amazing Grace changed you. Ask the people gathered to recall their own experiences with God’s transforming grace. Ask permission (in writing) to video their grace stories. Share them on YouTube or in worship Pentecost Sunday (May 31) and send AGX2020 the link so we can share them with the world. Better yet, invite the crowd to join you for worship and share their stories as part of the message for the day.
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Raise funds and raise awareness for hunger and food security issues in your area. Split the support between local food shelves, meal programs and international aid with an organization that you know and trust. Google “Top 10 Charities That Fight Hunger Worldwide” and choose one as your designated charity. On Pentecost Saturday (May 30), worship at 3 p.m., sing Amazing Grace, pray for Amazing Grace, and go out into the community to turn your faith into action on behalf of the hungry. On Pentecost Sunday (May 31), worship again and share the results of your work. Remember “I was hungry and you fed me?” Feeding people’s bodies and souls is Jesus work!
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“Woman Caught In Adultry” art by Dr. He Qi

“Woman Caught In Adultry” art by Dr. He Qi


Can the Amazing Grace of Christ literally work through you to free a sex slave in your town or city? What would it take for you to research, plan, and carry out an actual rescue operation on May 30? Would you dare? Who would you need to involve? How would you do it? How would you protect the people after they are freed? How would you provide for them - support, housing, jobs - so they don’t fall back into slavery? If you decide to make an anti-trafficking project your cause on Pentecost Weekend, first do your homework! Find trusted local partners already involved in anti-trafficking measures. Visit one of our trusted partners, Mission Freedom for ideas. On May 30, worship at 3 p.m.. Sing Amazing Grace. Pray for Amazing Grace. Preach on the theme of the grace of God and freedom in Christ. Then go out and bring that Amazing Grace to someone trapped in the sex slave system. On Pentecost Sunday, worship again and share what God has done TO you and THROUGH you to bring freedom to the captive.
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Loneliness and grief cause a special kind of pain. Bring God’s Amazing Grace to people facing loss, sickness or depression. On Pentecost Saturday, May 30, worship at 3 p.m., then head out of the building to a sacred space where you can minister to the sick, the dying, the lonely. Sing Amazing Grace. Share your story of Amazing Grace, and ask them to tell you how God’s grace touched their lives. Pray for them, holding hands. Bless them. Then ask them to pray for and bless you. It is healing to pray for someone and bless them. But it can be even more healing for them to be asked to pray for and bless you. It validates their gifts by inviting them to be a healing channel of God’s grace for you. Ask permission to video their stories and prayers. Share these grace acts in worship on Pentecost Sunday. (See how powerful it is to ask an elder to PRAY FOR YOU by clicking the video above, then sign up on bottom of Homepage.)



Shakespeare said, “The play’s the thing whereby I’ll catch the conscience of the king!” You can get past peoples’ defense mechanisms with theater - especially comedy - and then get to their heads and hearts!

Choose or write a short Christian skit, comedy or play about Amazing Grace. Worship and practice it on May 30 at 3 p.m.. Then take it to the streets to perform it. Choose an iconic place in your area. Gather a crowd. Make a scene! Then sing Amazing Grace and share your own stories of God’s Amazing Grace with those assembled. IDEA: Ask permission to interview people in the crowd about how they have been touched by God’s grace. With their permission (signed!) upload it all to YouTube, then share your link with AGX2020. Show it as part of the worship on Pentecost Sunday. Invite those with grace stories to join you in worship and share them.
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The Experience Lagos 1.jpg

Let’s Break the Internet

with the largest mass choir in history


Care to lend your voice to perhaps the largest mass choir in history? And maybe break the internet in 24 hours from 11 to 11 on May 30-31, 2020 at the same time?

  • Download our Gospel or Hip-Hop versions of Amazing Grace (Coming soon!)

  • Gather your friends

  • Practice singing with the tracks

  • Upload your voices in your own language using our tracks - - or keep the pitch and key and add your own instruments and language

  • Sign up now on bottom of Homepage to be on top of the list for information, networking, and the flash mob track release the moment they become available later this summer!

Upload your singing and let’s see what happens when every tribe and nation in 24 time zones joins with one voice in praise to our God’s  Amazing Grace!

Upload your singing and let’s see what happens when every tribe and nation in 24 time zones joins with one voice in praise to our God’s Amazing Grace!