Here’s what you can do to create an Amazing Grace Experience:

  • Clear your calendars for May 30-31, 2020

  • Download the Gospel or Hip-Hop version of Amazing Grace from this website and the charts from Integrity Music (coming soon) and practice the music

  • Pray about what God wants you and your friends to do to bring Amazing Grace to your town on Pentecost Weekend

    • Flash Mob Dance

    • Feeding the Hungry

    • Releasing Sex Traffic Victims

    • Ministering to the Lonely

    • Street Theater

    • The Million Voice Choir

    • Something else?

  • Meet with local church leadership, Christian organizations, businesses and youth groups to ask them to participate with you in your chosen Amazing Grace Experience

  • Meet with local church television, newspaper, bloggers and marketing companies to create a publicity strategy for your local Amazing Grace Experience. (How about billboards? Hot air balloons? Parades? Bumper stickers? Building wraps?

  • On Pentecost Weekend, May 30-31, 2020

    • SATURDAY: Worship at 11 a.m. on Pentecost Saturday. Sing Amazing Grace. Share stories of God’s Amazing Grace. Pray for Amazing Grace. Then spill out into the streets to share God’s Amazing Grace in witnessing, words and deeds

    • SUNDAY: Worship again, this time celebrating all the mighty acts of God you witnessed while sharing Amazing Grace

Finally, be sure to connect with a trusted local pastor or with GO2020 for training, strategy and equipping ordinary believers to share the Gospel



If you like what you see here and want to
take part financially:

FIRST, our friends at will donate $50 to AGX2020 instantly in your name if you are willing to have short conversation with them about your interest in clean solar energy (No fooling! They’ll donate $50 the moment your chat with them starts!)

SECOND, donate locally to a grace-filled ministry you trust to help create some grace in your area.

THIRD, if you wish to help AGX2020 further, that’s great, too. We’ll use your donation wisely to pay expenses for the pipeline to the Million Voice Choir, the music recordings, our chosen Amazing Grace Partners and some of our essential operations.


Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about AGX2020. Link them to the experiences they can choose on this website and invite them to share it with their own personal and professional social networks.